Kase Filters

Phil Sproson Photography

Kase Filters are wholeheartedly endorsed by Phil Sproson, the cofounder of Let’s Go Peak District who is a professional landscape and outdoor photographer. Phil uses Kase Filters on every outing.

Having used Kase Filters for a few years now, I can totally recommend them as the go to brand for camera filters if you are serious about landscape photography.

Kase filters are THE game changer!

Using glass filters (Kase are almost unbreakable by the way) which are anti-glare coated, combined with being neutral grey with no discernable colour cast, the results achieved right out of the camera are excellent. Neutral density graduated filters let you balance your exposure between the sky and the land to give detail everywhere.

You have bought a superb camera and the best lenses to achieve amazing photos, don’t spoil it by placing resin filters in front of your quality ‘glass’. I truly believe that you need to put quality glass in front of your quality glass to achieve excellent photos!

Phil Sproson. Let’s Go Peak District.

Example images captured using Kase Filters (Wolverine Series Filters) showing how they help balance exposure whilst shooting directly at the sun. Pictured also, how the filter system mounts to the camera using the lens filter thread.

Note that without neutral density graduated filters, the camera metering system would not cope, and would wash out (overexpose) the sky and the land would appear dark (underexposed), and detail would be lost.

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Independent reviews have ranked the Kase Wolverine series filters as class leading glass filters based on the optical qualities, and a toughened glass construction adds extra durability and peace of mind for when you are out and about.

With no discernible colour cast, you will be able to capture the true scene colours that are in front of you, and the optical quality of the glass will give you great sharpness throughout your final images. The metallic nano electro-coated glass makes Kase Wolverine filters scratch resistant, water repellent, anti-reflective and easy to clean. Kase Wolverine series filters are a joy to use in the field, no matter what conditions you shoot in.

Kase Filters. What type and why.

  • GND filter / grey graduated filter: Graduated neutral density filters with different gradients “Hard GND” – suitable for seascapes and flat horizons, “Soft GND” – suitable for ‘choppy’ horizons, or use within woodlands where the graduation cannot be seen in the final image, and “Reverse GND” filters – suitable for holding back the power of the sun whilst it is on the horizon.
  • ND Filter / Grey Filter: For extending the shutter speed, even in bright conditions and these are suitable for photographing water to get the ‘silky’ effect, or photography where you need a longer exposure for creative reasons.
  • CPL Filter / Polarising Filter: Polarising filters are used to reduce reflections, from water, from glass. A polariser filter can also be used to increase contrast in photography, gives blue and green a boost producing impactful images. The filter holder incorporates a magnetic CPL that can be used in conjunction with GND and ND filters.

Kase Wolverine 100 mm Filter Kits

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A great way to start your Kase Filter experience is to look at the available kits. The kits are designed to get you up to speed fast.

Available filter kits are the entry kit, high-end kit or master kit.

The kits come a soft carry case, the filter holder system which includes a magnetic circular polariser (CPL), plus a selection of Wolverine 100mm glass filters depending on which kit you decide on.

Use voucher code pskase10 at checkout to receive 10% discount – does not apply to the filter holder kit when purchased separately