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Nicky King

Nicky King aka Peakdistrict_Lady

Capturer of scenes and founder of @your_peakdistrict

Hi … my names Nicky and although I was born and bred in Lincolnshire, I have lived at the Southern end of the Peak District since Summer 2002, after meeting my husband and moving to be with him. At first, I actually didn’t appreciate where I was (even though I came from a very non hilly place, I really didn’t really grasp it!) and after numerous comments from my new friends and workmates of “have you actually been up Thorpe Cloud yet?” I actually ventured a bit further from my doorstep (10/15 mins) and visited Dovedale Stepping Stones in 2006 .. (I know, rubbish right?)

During 2013, I started suffering with family fallouts when my parents divorced and this really took its toll on me, I was lucky to have a friend who had just started running so I joined her, after I got a bit braver, I started doing a bit on my own, finding it helped collect my thoughts and process what was happening in my life and started taking in nature, the change in the seasons … being out on foot in my beautiful area massively helped my mental health and I started running further afield and seeing more of the area’s beauty and whilst always being a very amateur photographer .. the phone/camera started being used more so I could capture what I was seeing .. my running went a bit nuts and in 2017, I actually even did a challenge of running 2017 miles in the year to raise money for a few local charities .. (I ran 2027 miles in total)

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to think/know that someone out there is looking at my photography, appreciating and smiling at it. My running these days isn’t as extreme though!

And yes, I have been up Thorpe cloud .. numerous times now and I do a lot loops which also take in Milldale and Bunster Hill .. hills are now my very close friends!


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