Thor’s Cave and Manifold Way

Thors Cave
Thor’s Cave near to Wetton and above the Manifold Way

Just outside the village of Wetton in the Staffordshire Peak District you’ll find the magnificent Thor’s Cave, a natural cavern set in a steep limestone crag, with its huge arched entrance easily visible (and quite accessible) from the footpath below. 


Evidence has been found of human occupation of Thor’s Cave during the latter Stone Age, from around 11,000 years ago, with use well into the Iron Age and Roman period.  Past excavations have found stone tools, pottery, amber beads and bronze items, as well as the burial sites of at least seven people.

Thor’s Cave is popular with visitors and the views out into the valley are fabulous, but great care should be taken in exploring – there are very steep, unguarded drops from the entrances, and the surfaces can be slippery.

Those interested in ancient history should also visit Long Low, situated a mile south east of Wetton.  A Neolithic burial site, it consists of two large round cairns linked together, a structure that is the only one of its kind in England.  Excavations in the 19th Century revealed a limestone burial chamber with a paved floor within, as well as the bones of at least thirteen people and a number of arrowheads.

If you want to explore for yourself, try our beautiful walk past Thor’s Cave that starts and ends at nearby Wetton Mill – click HERE for full information.

Thor's Cave Peak District

How to get to Thor’s Cave

How to get to Thor’s Cave

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